Best Pizza Peels

#1 Best Pizza Peel = Aluminum Perforated

The best pizza peels for the money are the perforated metal aluminum peels from GI Metal.  You don’t have to worry about your pizza dough sticking to them and most of the excess flour will fall through the holes in the bottom of the peel.  Excess flour can ruin your pizza. It will either ensure the bottom of your pizza is burnt (if your oven is really hot) or it won’t allow the bottom to get crispy enough.  This perforated peel helps eliminate these two very hazardous risks to pizza makers.

These peels are used by many professionals because they are lightweight and flexible, but still heavy duty since they are made from perforated aluminum alloy (peel head) and anodized aluminum alloy (handle).  They are sturdy, easy to use, and very easy to maintain.  All you need is a little soap and water and they are good as new.  You may want to read my article on how to use an aluminum pizza peel.

From scouring the Internet, I found they are cheapest at  Here are links directly to two recommended peels based on the size of the pizza you want to be able to make:

13 Inch Peels

Get a DISCOUNT on the 20 inch handle version, Click on this LINK.    $86 $73.99

14.6 Inch Peels

Get a DISCOUNT on the 20 inch handle version, Click on this LINK. $109 $85.00


#2 Best Pizza Peel = Epicurean Peel

If you’re not into spending $80-$90 on the best pizza peel around, the second peel I would recommend is from Epicurean.  Epicurean peels differ from other wood peels in that they are made of wood fibre.  Peels made of wood fibre are non-porous, strong, and durable.  I’m all about easy to use and maintain.  This peel wins on that front because it is:

  • Dishwasher friendly – that’s right…no hand washing.
  • Doesn’t harbor bacteria since they are non-porous
  • No oiling or any maintenance needed.
  • Knife/Pizza Cutter friendly – won’t dull the blades.  Yep, this means you can use this as a cutting board as well.
  • Heat resistant up to 350 degrees.

There are essentially two reasons this peel isn’t numero uno; these are thinner then your usual wooden peel, but they are still just too thick for my liking and the handle may not be long enough for some people.  Burning your hand or singeing some hairs from a too short handle are just not worth it.  But, you may not care about handle length.  In that case, this peel could be the perfect peel for you.

Again, after scouring the Internet it seems that the best deal on the Epicurean pizza peel is at Amazon.

Epicurean Pizza Peels

If you’d like the 23 x 14 inch peel without a silicon grip, Click on this LINK.$34.99

#3 Best Pizza Peel = Wood Pizza Peel

My final recommendation to friends would be a wooden pizza peel.  Don’t get me wrong, they work just fine.  I just don’t like how much maintenance you have to remember to do and you also have a lot more prep work to ensure there isn’t a huge mess when you transfer a pizza to the oven.  You may want to read my article on how to use a wooden pizza peel.  The good news is they are also quite a bit cheaper than other pizza peels.

In doing my research I stumbled upon a great value for you if you want to go this route.

A 14 x 23 inch wooden pizza peel by Norpro is one of the most popular wooden peels purchased.  When checking around, almost all of its reviews were great.  Most of the bad reviews I saw seemed to come from people who haven’t read my article on how to properly care for a wooden peel.

Wooden Pizza Peels

If you’d like the 14 x 23 inch wood peel, Click on this LINK.$18.92

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